Mepore Pro Self-Adhesive Dressing

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Mepore Pro is a semi-permeable, self-adhesive, flexible, shower-proof and absorbent dressing designed especially for surgical incisions and sutured wounds, laparoscopy and arthroscopy puncture sites and abrasions and low-exuding traumatic wounds.

  • Two part release film for easy application.
  • It has low-adherent wound pad keeps wounds clean, reduces the risk of wound contamination, minimizes the risk of adherence to the wound and reduces dressing change frequency.
  • Skin-friendly, water based, solvent-free polyacrylate adhesive for gentle and secure fixation.
  • It is semi-permeable transparent outer film supports a moist wound environment.
  • It provides viral proof, bacterial proof and water proof film to protect the patient and the clinician.
  • Radioparent: can remain in place during x-ray.
  • Sterile.