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Why choose ABENA San?

ABENA San is a range of anatomically shaped, high-performance incontinence products with two major groupings: Sizes 1-4 and sizes 5-11. Sizes 1-4 are a range of thin pads, suitable for people living with light to moderate incontinence and they are all fitted with peel-off tape on the back. Sizes 5-11 are a range of pads that are used together with special fixation pants. This two-piece system ensures comfort for the user and that the pad stays in place, while also reducing the risk of leakages. Further, ABENA’s life cycle assessment has shown that the two-piece system uses fewer raw materials and has less impact on the environment.

ABENA San offers:

  • 360° leakage protection
  • Fast absorption from high-performance core and top-dry technology
  • Fully breathable materials
  • Odor control
  • Wetness indicator with graduation scale