Tena Youth Brief

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When it comes to finding the perfect incontinence product for your child or young adult, you need something that offers both comfort and protection. That's where our Tena ProSkin Plus XS Briefs come in - designed to offer Fearless Protection™ to help your child feel secure and confident.

Our briefs feature advanced technologies like the Dry-Fast Core™ and strategically placed superabsorbent microbeads, ensuring that moisture is locked in and your child stays comfortable all day long. The moisture-proof lining also protects clothing and linen and is color-coded for easy product selection.

Additionally, our briefs feature curved leg elastics for a better fit, more protection, and greater comfort. The wetness indicator alerts caregivers when it's time for a change, ensuring that your child stays clean and dry throughout the day. And with hook fasteners for easy and unlimited refastenability, our briefs are the perfect choice for busy caregivers.

With our Tena ProSkin Plus XS Briefs, you can trust that your child will receive the ultimate solution for their incontinence needs. From the Dry-Fast Core™ and superabsorbent microbeads to the moisture-proof lining and wetness indicator, every feature is designed with your child's comfort and protection in mind.