Urofoam Adhesive Foam Strips

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Urofoam® double or single-sided adhesive foam strips are soft, pliable foam strips specifically designed for the unique bonding applications of male external catheters to the skin and are suitable for use with both standard and self-adhering type catheters.
They provide a comfortable, air-tight seal that is an effective way to secure a male external catheter to the body. They are easy to apply and remove so when it comes time to change that catheter, it can be changed easily and quickly.

It is recommended that a male
external catheter be changed once a
day to promote healthy skin, however,
with the use or Urofoam® strips, a male
external catheter can be held in place for up to three days—results may vary, but it's nice to know that when you need to depend on an adhesive strip, you can depend on Urofoam®.